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Rhodes Windmills – The stone giants of the Aegean


The cylindrical landmarks of the Cyclades tell stories of tradition and human labour to the hills which they beautify with their presence. Invented in the pre-industrial times, they give a perfect example of ecology, as they make the best of the Aeolian energy to satisfy the man’s need for the cornerstone of nutrition: bread.

It was in the 12th and 13th centuries that windmills appeared on the Greek territory. Before long they had turned into a favourite topic for writers, painters, and photographers alike.

To build a wind mill used to be a hard and costly thing. Its spot had to be carefully chosen: the more exposed to northerly winds, the better. That’s why they stand perched on hillsides, and like vigilantes at the exits of gorges, or like lighthouses on the edge of capes. On the other hand, the distance to the village was no less important, as wind mills had to be easily accessible by the beasts of burden.

The most common type of wind mills had been the stone built cylindrical ones, with a rotating and following-the-wind conic roof and a straw “hat”. White triangular sails set against some huge antennas would put in motion a system of axes and wheels, which would make a mill stone turn above another mill stone, the latter one still, to grind wheat, barley and corn into flour.

In action

The mills could go on working even on a 24/7 basis, depending on the needs, the season and the weather. Wind permitting, a mill could grind 20-70 kilos of wheat per hour.

The villagers would take their crops to the mill. Even women would take part in carrying the heavy load from and to the mill. At the end of the grinding, the mill man would keep 10% of the product as a reward. What is really interesting is that the mill men had developed the skills of both a captain and a skipper in that they could read the weather signs and tell about the strength of winds, while they could also masterfully handle the sails of the mill.

The Windmill Tower Beach House in Rhodes island


The Windmill Tower Beach House is build on the Sand and located on the beautiful Ialyssos Beach in Rhodes island offering incredible views from its location just 3 metres from the Aegean Sea you can totally relax here without stepping a foot off the property’s grounds!

As a remarkable testament to the past, it stands as a cherished relic, woven into the tapestry of history. With its remarkable distinction, it reigns as the very first three-story windmill, majestically erected upon the very sands, a three meters from the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Embracing its vibrant past, it now welcomes guests with open arms, offering an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in an authentic journey of discovery, where every moment resonates with the essence of a bygone era.

Inside the mixture of natural elements are warm and welcoming with inspiration from stone and wood highlighting the historic features and unique design of the mill.On every turn you can admire the eclectic array of paintings, furniture and statues that come together to offer something interesting to the eye.

This property offers a perfect getaway for a large family or groups of friends. Why not book a private butler, chef or even a massage for that special occasion! Locally you can visit the Acropolis of Rhodes or the Temple of Apollon. Alternatively enjoy some water sports at the Beach.The Windmill Villa is ideal for Accommodation – Weddings – Exhibitions or any kind of sophisticated event because of its unique Character and decoration

At a Glance

  • 280 sq.m. on the beach
  • Private Space on the Beach
  • Comfortable Sun loungers
  • 180 to 360 Views
  • 1 Historic Building with 3 Floors
  • Capacity 7 to 9 persons
  • 3 meters from the Sea
  • Pavilion / Dining Area beside the Sea
  • 3 Bedrooms in the Tower Mill
  • 1 Bedroom in Guest Room and Sofa Bed
  • 1 Fully equipped Kitchen
  • 3 Living Rooms
  • 2 Toilets with Shower
  • Tv Room Satellite
  • Dining Space
  • Desk

Sophisticated Indoors

Mythica Tower Mill Villa in Rhodes is a classic – modern heaven of comfort; inspired by natural elements, wood, stone, marble and ample natural light, the Windmill Villa offers casual comfort together with the liberating sensation of a Greek island home, a home made for fun moments with your loved ones, for entertaining your closest friends or for celebrating all your special moments.

Your Door Opens 3 Meters from the Beach !
170 Square meters Beach with 8 Private Comfortable Sun loungers
Private Dining / Pavilion 3 meters from the Sea


1st Floor – 2 Entrances

:: First Entrance – 360 Glass Roundabout

  • Sea View
  • Glass Window protected roundabout
  • 1 Double Bed
  • 1 Fully equipped Kitchen
  • 1 Toilette
  • 1 Big Couch (4 Meters)
  • Glass Windows – No Curtains
  • 1 Dining Table
  • 1 Seating Area with Couch
  • Atelier
  • 2 Air condition
  • 1 Bathroom with Shower
  • 1 Desk

:: Second Entrance – Historic Windmill Building

  • Tv Room + Smart 42 inch + Netflix
  • 1 Big Couch 4 Meters
  • Airconditioned

2nd Floor

  • 1 Bedroom with 2 Single Beds
  • Airconditioned


3rd Floor

  • 1 Double Bed
  • 360 View
  • Airconditioned


Ground Floor

  • Private Sun Loungers on the Beach
  • Outdoor Pavilion 5 Meters from the Sea
  • 1 Studio with Separate entrance –
  • 1 Double Bed +
  • 1 Sofa Bed + Small Fridge
  • Airconditioned



  • Private Sun loungers on the Beach
  • 24/7 villa manager (on spot & on call)
  • Free Wi-Fi in all spaces
  • 1 Led Tv Satellite + Free Netflix + Smart
  • Airconditioned
  • Fully equipped Kitchen
  • Linen / Sheets / Towels / Sleepers
  • Hair Dryer (upon request)
  • 1 Bathroom with Shower in main Building
  • Bathroom with Shower in Guest Room
  • Desk
  • Bath Amenities (Shampoo)
  • Mosquito repellents electrical devices and tablets
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Oven
  • Kettle
  • Iron / Iron Table (upon request)
  • Free Parking

Gazing at the restless beauty of the Aegean

Wherever you choose to relax in Mythica Tower Mill Villa you will gaze at the restless beauty of the Aegean Sea. This Windmill Villa combines a refreshing Sea ambiance with modern amenities and elegant furniture, thus becoming a destination all on its own.


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Your Booking Includes :


:: Location : 3 Meters from the Sea
:: House Size : 280 Square Meters House
:: Beach Size : 117 Square Meters Beach
::4 Bedrooms (3 Double Bed, 1 Twin Bed)
::2 Bathrooms with Shower



Your Door Opens 3 Meters from the Sea with your Private Sun Loungers

Pavilion 3 meters from the Sea


::Sea View
::Glass Window protected roundabout
::1 Double Bed with Blackout Curtains
::1 Bathroom with Shower
::1 Fully equipped Kitchen
::1 Living Room
::1 Double Bed
::1 Dining Room
::1 Desk
::1 Atelier


Second entrance
::1 Living Room (4 meter Couch)
::42 inch Flat Satelite Smart Tv + Netflix


::2 Single Beds


::1 Double Bed


::Separate entrance
::1 Living Room
::1 Double Bedroom
::Toilet with Shower